How many times have you seen our work today?

The professor of biomedical engineering you spotted in Florida Trend. The FIU float you saw in the Gay Pride parade. The video you watched of students helping women in a rural Nicaraguan community. The FIU Magazine that you mailed to your biggest prospects. Commencement.

We helped make those things happen.

We are the Division of External Relations – an award-winning, full-service public relations and marketing agency. And we’re FIU, too.

Three years ago the university launched its first-ever branding campaign, “Worlds Ahead,” under the division’s leadership. Our daily charge is to promote this FIU brand internally and externally, locally and globally. From “Pantherizing” our campuses (and beyond) to hosting world leaders to honoring our students at commencement, it’s our job to make sure FIU is presented in a way that befits one of the country’s most dynamic universities. But our jobs don’t end there. From alumni entrepreneurial endeavors in China to student community service in Latin America to faculty research in Africa, we work 24/7 to tell the FIU story in the most compelling way possible.

We can help.

Do you have a great FIU story? We need to hear from you. We can help put your people and research on news networks and magazine covers, bring your stories to life in videos, and tell the world about our university’s growing reputation in print, online and anywhere else we can find an audience.

In addition to the division’s central staff, we have a network of account managers who work within many of your units. They bring a deeper understanding of your specific area and needs to projects and initiatives, offering a seamless continuum of marketing and public relations services.

Not sure if you have an Account Manager? Find your Account Manager.

Get started.

If you already have a project you’d like to work on, contact us. If you want to learn more about the division and how we can help you, read on.