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We meet our audiences where they are, and that is increasingly on social media. The Branding and Marketing department posts to and monitors the university’s flagship social media properties and reaches an audience of more than 50,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the media daily.

The key to social media success is content and conversation. Great content is shareable, beautiful and emotional. A successful online community can only be built through conversation and audience engagement.



We can help you identify potential content and conversation opportunities and show you how to plan and measure your efforts. Our social media experts are available to help your unit make the best use of the technology, through approved social channels. Consulting services cover initial strategy and content plans, training on social media and analytics tools, and advising on integrated marketing campaigns.

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Our social media criteria lay out best practices and university guidelines for social channels. To get listed in the social directory and to increase the effectiveness of your channels, please observe the social media criteria.

FIU Social Media Criteria

Collaborate Across Campus

Join our official social media managers Facebook group where we share content and resources, discuss new social media trends, identify collaboration opportunities and support each others efforts.

FIU Social Media Managers Facebook Group